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伊藤彩香,ayaka ito,絵,絵描き,paint,舞台,口笛洋燈,perfoming art,アーティスト,artist,アート,美術

Ayaka Ito

Artist / Painter / Performing art creator

Ayaka Ito creates acrylic paintings, performing art works and, as an illustrator, produces digital paintings and watercolors to order.

As for performing art works, Ito presides over a long-term arts project, titled “Kuchibue Lamp” (Whistle Lamp).

As a multidisciplinary artist, she is also involved in a wide range of other activities, including the creation of graphic works, appearing on stage and posing as a photo-session model.

She graduated from the Department of Scenography, Display and Fashion Design, College of Art and Design, Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan

Deference to light and words,

Admiration of sound and dance,

It is like





Expression is imagination. I believe imagination enriches people's hearts and fosters grace and zest for life.

By employing two different methods of expression, painting and performing arts, I express the scenery in my mind’s eye.

By going back and forth between opposites, such as planes and solid forms, stillness and motion, solitude and collaboration, I express movement in my mind using a variety of different means, such as paints, sound, time, the human body, word, and light.

The emotions I experience in daily life are motivation for creation. In facing these with sincerity and communicating with them with honesty, I can then proceed with my creations.

I usually start an artwork without any idea of composition and motif; these are things I look for during the dialogue with the emotions and impressions that manifest themselves in the course of the creative process.

Dialog itself is very personal, but for myself, I express my heart in a rather abstract manner and my final works deal with universal themes, which have the power to affect the emotions of my audiences. I always feel satisfied when my works evoke emotions and memories in an audience that arise from the depths of the heart.

When people experience my works, the scenery in my mind’s eye becomes the scenery in their mind’s eye. The world can become as near, as far and as deep as possible through the imagination of both artist and audience. I have been presenting my works in the hopes they will touch the depths of my audiences hearts and will add richness to their lives.

Here, light is called "Now" 

I hope that the passion and atmosphere of my work

Will touch those who see it,

And that we can share happiness with warm hearts.                  

Ayaka Ito






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