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Meguri-En-E (Destiny to be linked - painting)



I paint with my best attention on an object related to the daily life of a client. This unique painting will emerge from a meeting of the client and the artist.




伊藤彩香,Ayaka Ito,絵,絵描き,paint,舞台,口笛洋燈,perfoming art,アーティスト,artist,アート,美術

A object related to daily life 

Such as 

a hand mirror, mobile phone, book cover 


a hairdresser’s pochette, a seamstress’s sewing box, a musician’s note case, an actor’s box of candy, a clock and ashtray from a coffee shop, a pencil sharpener from a stationery shop 


a gift of appreciation, a festive bouquet, a photo stand for two, a talisman for a long journey

When I paint while talking with a client, I feel my client’s heart dwells in the painting that emerges from an object. Prayer or hope may be put into it, commemorations made within it, and memories may be captured, in a painting.

When I truly understand the background story which tells why a client treasures a certain thing, I feel a client’s heart and my heart come so close. I hope I can reflect the bond between a client and myself in the painting on an object.

And when someone sees the Meguri-En-E, its owner may tell them a story about it. Maybe the story is related to owner’s background , or maybe it is related to an interest in owner’s daily life. By sharing the story, they may strengthen their relationship.

Yes... Meguri-En E, which emerged from a relationship between you and me, may bring about good relations between you and someone else.

A painting which could not have been created without you, it is a warm heart, which can be passed on, from one to another, again and again.

An example of Meguri-En-E

Client      :Person who will move abroad

Object     :Mobile phone

Motif       :Ganesha

Occasion :Setting off from Japan

Request   :Please use a feather from a parakeet I used to own 15 years ago.

Episode   : 

Ganesha, a Hindu deity, has a real parakeet’s feather. When my friend was cleaning her room before moving abroad, she found a parakeet feather, from a bird which she kept 15 years ago. I tried to use her favorite colors, in the creation, and one hour later, a deity emerged holding a talisman for her departure, a gift celebrating a new way of life, and a memory of her beloved bird. I hope this will keep watching over her, wherever she may be.

伊藤彩香,Ayaka Ito,絵,絵描き,paint,舞台,口笛洋燈,perfoming art,アーティスト,artist,アート,美術
伊藤彩香,Ayaka Ito,絵,絵描き,paint,舞台,口笛洋燈,perfoming art,アーティスト,artist,アート,美術

依頼主  :音楽家

モノ   :パソコン2台

希望   :シンプルで質感にこだわったもの




※Price…¥7,000~(Depending on size and material) 

※Material…wood, plastic, metal, leather, cloth, Please consult me about other materials. 

※ They should not be placed where they are regularly splashed with water, or can be rubbed or scratched. These are not suitable for Meguri-En-E.

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